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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 20, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 20 2018 Compiled 12:19 am EDT 20 Feb. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Tues. Morning - 2.20.18

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Tuesday Morning, February 20, 2018. All guest posts that are more than 3-5 paragraphs in length, or deemed important, or contains images, or is a response to another post may be considered as a standalone post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted.

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts is top to bottom. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom.



Entry Submitted by GK at 2:41 AM EST on February 20, 2018

"What have we Become?" by BonniB - 2.20.18

Bonnie I know the path that needs to be taken to lower the numbers of abortions but we need the news to report facts the same way they repeat lies. Studies show abortions are linked to breast cancer. Since selfishness sells service to self those who are pro choice may choose not to make themselves prone to breast cancer by considering it's not just a disposable fetus but something apparently even more personal... Our media is public enemy number one.

"What a Coincidence"

Entry Submitted by TM at 2:26 AM EST on February 20, 2018


Who would have thought , that a German scientist( brought over to the US of A during Operation Paperclip).

Wrote a science fiction story about Elon, Mars and even knew Walt Disney !!

Imagine that !! Only in America !!

Just a coincidence I'm sure.

"Escape" - Spiritual Thought (Video) - 2.20.18

Instructions on How to Escape the Matrix ... Just ask Google

"Life On Mars" - RV Musical Update - 2.20.18

Like David Bowie said, I wonder if we'll ever know we're in the best selling show. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"Life On Mars?"

It's a god-awful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling, "No!"
And her daddy has told her to go
But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Now she walks through her sunken dream
To the seat with the clearest view
And she's hooked to the silver screen

But the film is a saddening bore
For she's lived it ten times or more
She could spit in the eyes of fools
As they ask her to focus on

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man!
Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

It's on America's tortured brow
That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow
Now the workers have struck for fame
'Cause Lennon's on sale again
See the mice in their million hordes
From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads
Rule Britannia is out of bounds
To my mother, my dog, and clowns

But the film is a saddening bore
'Cause I wrote it ten times or more
It's about to be writ again
As I ask you to focus on



(Mind the phone)

"It is Not Just About Getting Rich" by Blue Being - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by Blue Being at 1:11 AM EST on February 20, 2018

I am sorry Pastor McCrary, I realize you might be from the TnT camp, however many of are in this for the humanitarian aspect. You people that just want to get rich might be satisfied with 10, 20, or 100 million, you all have just been about getting rich, what kind of Pastor are you any ways? Oh I forgot most pastors are just con men peddling lies and half truth of some manufactured religion made by Rome. So I guess I understand that you are in it to get rich just like the other TnT tools.

However I do speak for many who have it in their heart to aid humanity and our Country, the world . We want to help with giving affordable/free healthcare , free higher learning, fixing our infrastructure, aiding communities, the veterans, others that can't help their self.the list goes on and what we want to do will take some of the responsibility of the Government as far as social programs , infrastructure , subsidizing small farmers , creating thousands of jobs.

Yes we realize you in the TnT camp are all about the money, so we wish you all to realize you do not speak for the rest of us, nor represent the rest of us.

We always knew you guys would throw all the humanitarians under the bus just to get rich.

Blue Being

"What have we Become?" by BonniB - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by BonniB at 12:45 AM EST on February 20, 2018


I ran across this today. It brought up a lot of baggage for me, seeing it in print. Its the numbers of the abortions in the US and the World. Watch closely as the numbers change every few seconds.

There are two things in all my life that has broke my heart so bad and nearly made me loss all my faith in humanity. One was knowing the disgusting truth about child sex trafficking, the Satan sacrifice of children and baby eating to get high. That almost put me over the edge.

The other is selfish women who shout from the roof tops that their bodies are theirs and it their right to slaughter their own children by the millions because their too lazy to have IUD put in every 5 years or say NO and keep their damn legs together.

I live on the Liberal West Coast. I swear that every time they open their mouth I feel like my brains are being sucked out my ears. I'm moving to Mars the first chance I get. Please RV happen soon.

Sorry, I had to vent. My whole family has been on Facebook today, embarrassing me to death with their stupidity. HELP.. Sorry, if you're Liberal. I couldn't help myself today.

"Happy Birthday" by Jeff Walker - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by Jeff Walker at 12:16 PM EST on February 20, 2018

Well today is my birthday and I am really not feeling much on celebrating it at all. Usually my sister would at least give me a call and say hi. She won't be doing that this year. Neither will most of the friends that have dropped off. So I go on on my own still in limbo and in much more doubt than i have ever been in my life. Everything is chaotic to say the least as far as this blessing is concerned. No one ever has any kind of straight answer for any of it. And here I thought I'd have my purpose in life well under way and beginning to work on the projects that I have now abandoned , rebuilt, and abandoned again. Completely frustrated and finding it harder as the days and weeks go by to stick to this "truth" that we are being told.

It just still bothers that I must have been in some kind of mind set to allow myself to be totally taken by the dialogue and concept that was this happening when we were told it would be. I feel really foolish today knowing that I did that. Still today we are being told that tomorrow it will be here. That the 800 numbers are out, that the centers are on stand by. Still i find it almost impossible to see these people holding up their work lives day after day waiting like we are. I find it impossible to believe these people are also not in their own lines exchanging themselves. If they know about this and there are 1700 centers with 10 people manning them and they are never talked about...never seen.. I guess they are not participating???>.

I listen to the encouraging words of Bruce on his calls and every single week there are things said that simply do not mesh with where we are in reality. Tier 1-3 have been paid out, There has been liquidity, this i have not seen any proof of, Infact I have not seen any proof of anything at all. Not a single piece. i am loosing my ability to blindly follow this as time passes and as more promises are made and broken.

There is not even a consistent plan or procedure that goes with this anymore. What happened to the the conference calls from some of the providers.. they have all dropped off. Where is Tank.. where is Richard, where is Yosef. I didn't like him so much but he did make things interesting. Our little family is just that now little. I am very discouraged.

All of this does not sit well if you look at in as a big picture and that is not a good position to be in when you have no proof or consistency and are supposed to put faith that what will happen will happen like we have been told. Am I alone here or do any others see what i am talking about here.

Who is in charge of this really, is it the republic, the elders.. who do we need to talk to for clarity and some kind of reassurance that this is not just a ball of poo. Who do we talk to.. Patrick's intel provider, Bruces, Tanks, TNT's.. none of these I doubt are the same.

I really would like to know because I'm getting quite discouraged and frankly the credibility of this all is slipping by every day this is not complete.

s in

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 20, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 20 2018

Compiled 12:19 am EDT 20 Feb. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. Feb. 19 2018 11:36 pm EST, Zap: "International Hands" - ZAP Update - The Office of POOFness - 2.19.18 All is at ready this week starting tomorrow Feb. 20. The first funds would arrive in the next days.

B. Feb. 19 2018 9:49 pm EST, Sierra: "Q Anon: Clean Action has been Approved" by Sierra (NZ) - 2.19.18 One of Q Anon's last posts: CLEAN ACTION HAS BEEN APPROVED. HIGHEST AUTHORITY. Then Q stopped posting, and may have disappeared. Is this the ten days of darkness before the final showdown? It takes us to the end of February, supporting Patrick's Intel Alert about the Alliance working extremely hard to finalize it this month.

C. Feb. 19 2018 8:52 pm EST TNT, Bank Story, Kjmachorro, Whidbey Island Washington: "Teller Training, Forex" - Mon. PM TNT Thoughts/News My cousin saw the Chase Bank parking lot full of cars today. He thought this was curious, since the banks are closed for President's Day. He drove into the parking lot and saw a note on the door, "Teller Training Today." He decided to check out the Wells Fargo a few blocks away. Same thing. Note on the door, "Teller Training Today."

D. Feb. 19 2018 8:54 pm EST, Dr. Clarke: "President's Day" - Dr. Clarke Update - 2.19.18 Dr. Clarke, Update

1. What has happened over this past 5 Days, is MAJOR. The Iraq Budget being completed sometime this week and the Kurds agreeing to a “Deal.” It’s ALREADY BEEN DONE, signed, sealed & delivered. The “GUARANTEE” was completed.

2. The funds were “GUARANTEED” & Secure. SUBSTANTIAL Investment Agreements would be upheld immediately, for SEVERAL COUNTRIES.

3. Over the past 5 Days there was spiked Bank Activity in the U.S, such as the releasing of the 12 Federal Districts organizational map, with regard to how exchanges were handled. SPECIFIC EDUCATION, at this late hour. More & more Banks suddenly kissing & making up, over those nasty words “Dinar & Dong”, even at the counter teller level.

4. The MAJOR TOP TIER 1 BANKS in the U.S. are scrambling as fast as they can, to organize this “PROCESS”, in a manner in which is “quiet”, yet effective, for a “few million” people, generating “Trillions” of dollars in transactions, within PRIMARILY a 30 Day Period.

5. TRILLIONS of dollars were moving behind the scenes, covering & funding the thousands of Regional Bank Branches, not only in the U.S., but Worldwide simultaneously.

6. The Public Major MEDIA already KNOW about this whole thing and are patiently WAITING, for the exact Moment, when THEY have FACTUAL EVIDENCE - (People in masse, exchanging at Banks), in order to break the story PUBLICLY, instantly, after the process begins.

7. The U.S. Dollar has been falling Substantially, over the past 12 months, on PURPOSE and “By Design”. BY DESIGN. TIMED. CONTROLLED. ON PURPOSE.

8. ADD TO THIS, the amount of CURRENCY THE U.S. HOLDS FROM IRAQ - (Estimated at least 4 TRILLION) - AND the amount of CURRENCY THE U.S. HOLDS FROM VIETNAM - (estimated at least 18 TRILLION). This all spells a BIG INCENTIVE IN BIG MONEY, to hurry up and get a SUBSTANTIAL RATE VALUE INCREASE DONE, not only in IRAQ, but with VIETNAM, and a handful of others, to Stabilize, Balance & INCREASE World Trade mechanisms, which continue to be out of Balance.

9. This was about the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, Brexit and a Mass Civil War going on in the U.S. for Power, Control & WEALTH. This is about bringing more BALANCE WORLDWIDE. This is ONLY A START.

10. We still Love, FEBRUARY. There are 9 Days left in this Month, even if it takes to the very last day of this month. We just learned this morning, that this is still VERY MUCH THE CASE.


12. PEOPLE have gone to Jail and MANY MORE will go to Jail.

13. This “Process”, has a few more DAYS, from what we just learned this morning - and not too to many more.

E. Feb. 19 2018 3:11 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 19, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Alliance Ghost Operatives uncovered blueprints for prototype weapons from the Cabal-MIC D.U.M.B. located near Sawtooth Range before destroying it.

2. Attached to the blueprints were documents revealing plans for a particular prototype weapon being constructed at a hidden underground outpost located under Gannett Peak, Wyoming.

3. This particular prototype weapon is a long range, low frequency repeater which amplifies and re-routes standard HAARP signals. This was a major concern for the Alliance due to the fact Gannett Peak is close to Yellowstone Caldera.

4. The Alliance have located this outpost and deployed Ghost Operative Teams to neutralize and destroy it as of 12:39 PM EST today Feb. 19.

5. The D.U.M.B. at Sawtooth Range was the last "recorded" Cabal-MIC D.U.M.B. that was built. Cabal-MIC hidden underground outposts may still remain. Note: These hidden underground outposts are not classified as D.U.M.B's.

6. All threats must be neutralized prior to bringing in the new financial system (RV/GCR) and beginning the transition event into Nova Earth. The Alliance are racing against time as the window of opportunity to begin the transition event this month is closing fast.

F. Feb. 19 2018 2:54 pm EST, Fulford Report: "Financial Mega-Battle to Escalate" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 2.19.18 https://benjaminfulford.net/ Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society Financial mega-battle to escalate in late February, early March

1. The secret battle for the planet earth is entering a critical phase over the coming weeks, especially in the realm of finance, where an epic three-way battle is raging, multiple sources agree. In this battle, cryptocurrencies and the Chinese yuan are fighting each other, as well as fighting to replace the current privately-owned Western central bank petrodollar, Euro, and Japanese yen-based system.

2. The gauntlet has been cast by the Chinese as they challenge the U.S. petrodollar, with the formal announcement of a March 26th start for gold-backed-yuan oil futures trading.

3. Asian secret society sources say the Year of the Dog, which is just starting, usually brings volatility (in this case presumably in the financial markets) before things settle down into a new normal as the year progresses. This means the Chinese are ready for financial war once they return from their lunar new year’s holiday this week and next.


4. This Chinese move against the petrodollar coincides with a Russian threat to withdraw from the Western-controlled SWIFT international payments system. A CIA source in Asia says he was informed by his Russian counterparts that if Russia starts trade without using the international SWIFT trading accounts and completely switches over to the Chinese Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), “there will be at least a dozen other nations that make this switch within days.”https://www.rt.com/business/418665-russia-banks-ready-shut-swift/

5. A Canadian Secret Intelligence Service agent notes that “Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of Russia is also the CEO of the Russian Federation, licensed to operate out of London. So if the order is given to move away from the SWIFT system, the U.S. dollar simply dies and we will see huge inflation.” What he means by this is that the London financial district, and by implication the 2.4 billion-member British Commonwealth, will join the Russians and Chinese in ditching the U.S. dollar.

6. There is also a big push to replace the petrodollar with a gold-backed cryptocurrency that could rival the Chinese yuan for influence, according to Russian, CIA, Pentagon, Japanese government, and other sources involved in this project.

7. These developments are probably why senior members of the P2 Freemason lodge, the controllers of the existing dollar/euro/yen system, contacted the White Dragon Society (WDS) last week to sue for peace.

8. Last week former CIA agent and founder of the Marine Intelligence Division (the folks who recently raided CIA Headquarters) Robert David Steele showed up in Japan to meet with WDS members. http://robertdavidsteele.com The top generals in the Trump regime, including Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, were all Marine generals, so the timing of Steele’s arrival in Japan can be no coincidence.

G. Feb. 19 2018 1:37 am EST: Call for Website -- Reflections on the Fall of the Big Rat, and the Rising Reclamation Feb. 19 2018 1:22 pm EST Worldwide Citizens Arrests for Child Rapists on April 15: Kevin Annett: Worldwide Citizens Arrests for Child Rapists on April 15

Five years ago when the news broke that Pope Benedict, aka "Joe the Rat" Ratzinger, was no longer the Bishop of Rome, I (Kevin Annett) received an early morning phone call from the National Post newspaper in Toronto. A remarkably obtuse young reporter asked me if it was true that a pending arrest warrant against Benedict that I had helped engineer, had prompted his departure. I replied, "Absolutely."

I never heard from the reporter again, nor did the Post, or any other corporate media ever run a story on the threatened arrest of Rat Boy that had sent him scurrying from his sinking papal perch. On the eve of their conviction in a public tribunal for crimes against children, not only a serving pope Joseph Ratzinger, but three other indicted Vatican officials resigned their offices: Tarcisio Bertone, Sean Brady and the so-called "black pope" Jesuit leader, Adolfo Pachon.

The routine trafficking, torture and murder of children has become a lucrative global industry in which major church corporations are deeply implicated. The Vatican, the Church of England and other churches stand convicted in common law courts of these and other genocidal acts.

Your funding of and adherence to these criminal churches is allowing their wrongs to continue. These churches have betrayed their trust and lost their right to operate under the laws of God and Humanity. We the People will no longer allow such wolves in sheeps' clothing to exploit and brutalize our children.

On April 15, 2018, people in many countries will take direct action to stop these crimes by striking at their source. Operation Atonement will perform citizens' arrests against known child rapists and the church officials who aid them; peacefully occupy church facilities and disrupt their operations and halt funding and legal protection that enable these criminal institutions. You can help save the lives of the innocent by joining this global effort. Here's how:

1. BOYCOTT the Roman Catholic, Anglican/Episcopalian and United churches by denying them attendance and funding.

2. DEMAND that your government revoke the tax-exempt status of these churches.

3. EDUCATE yourself and others about this crime and the hidden history and nature of these criminal churches. See www.itccs.org

4. JOIN the nearest OPERATION ATONEMENT Action Group and directly halt these false and murderous churches. Contact itccsoffice@gmail.com to join up.

H. Feb. 18 2018 International Aid Sexual Abuse: https://goo.gl/fsYGzD

'The international aid industry needs to be aware of the scale of sexual abuse happening on their watch': Former UN chief says 'paedophilia' is a word charities dare not say.

I. Feb. 18 2018 UNICEF Campaigner Jailed for Rape: https://goo.gl/gbp7Cv

Top UNICEF children's rights campaigner - who led UK's anti-smacking campaign - is jailed for rape of boy, 13, in latest charity sex scandal

J. Feb. 18 2018 11:30 pm EST Parkland Shooting, Trump: Trump to Investigate Parkland Shooting with Military

K. Feb. 18 2018 11:46 pm EST, One Who Thinks: "All Things are Not Equal" by One Who Thinks - 2.18.18

Summary Updates for the last seven days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 19, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 18, 2018

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 16, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 15, 2018

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 13, 2018


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